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Should I Have Predicted Lab Animal Would Become More Aggressive?
Reader question: I am in the second year of a disease study involving laboratory canines and I’m being sued. One dog took a dislike to a lab tech and nipped her several times. The last time it happened, the animal was so aggressive the tech required stitches. She contends that I was aware of the situation and should have made arrangements to excuse her from having any contact with this dog. Do I have any recourse? What can I do to prevent this in the future?
How to Find Reliable Used Lab Equipment
Before you begin shopping, determine exactly what brand, model, and features are essential for your lab’s research. Just like you wouldn’t go into buying a house without knowing if you want an apartment, house, or trailer, you don’t go into buying lab equipment without some idea of what your lab needs. Going in blind probably leads to the most problems for lab managers, so do some thorough online research before you begin shopping.
Am I Mismanaging My Star Lab Employee?

Reader Question: About two years ago, I hired a real “star player” to join my lab staff. Lately, though, she’s been suddenly producing work that’s sub-par. What’s going on?

Expert Comments: Aside from the potential for personal problems, your lab staffer is probably not getting enough feedback from you, says Valerie Grubb, MBA, operations consultant at Val Grubb & Associates in New York. They may also not feel like you’re holding them accountable for their work -- and when there’s no accountability, your employee will surely...