Proven Excel Chart and Graph Strategies for Scientists

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Presenting your scientific research accurately and understandably via charts and graphs is fundamental to you being able to impart your research’s core message and results successfully. Get it right, and it can be full speed ahead. Get it wrong, and your research could be stopped in its tracks.

If you use Excel® to generate your charts and graphs from your scientific data, there could be a problem. Excel was actually created to finesse financial information, not scientific data. However, if you know how, you can manipulate the program to create scientific-acceptable charts and graphs that achieve your research goals.

Excel expert trainer, Dennis Taylor can show you how to more easily and accurately convey your research message using Excel charts and graphs. Dennis’ interactive, 60-minute training will help you more easily utilize visual and graphical Excel features to improve understandability and add potency to your research data charts and graphs.

Here are just a few of the step-by-step Excel Charting and Graphing skills you’ll walk away with after watching this online training session:

      • Override Excel standard colors for those that better display on screen and paper
      • Improve understandability by adding legend labeling on all individual data series plotted
      • Create combination charts that use lines and column together to get your point across better
      • Select the chart type that best communicates your message (e., column, bar, line, pie, etc.)
      • Include annotated charts by adding lines, arrows, boxes, special comments and titles
      • Easily and accurately Move, Copy, Resize, or Delete charts to complete your document fast
      • Reformat legends, gridlines, axes, and backgrounds to generate your perfect chart
      • Add labels, error bars, and trendlines to help readers better understand your data
      • Set up dynamic charts (those that grow daily, weekly, or monthly) with Excel’s new Table feature
      • Adjust themes to apply multiple formatting features more quickly
      • Use Conditional Formatting to add color data bars and icons based on values
      • Construct non-contiguous data charts from data on different worksheets
      • And much more…

Who should attend? If you’re familiar with some of Excel’s features, but have little or no experience with using Charts and/or Graphs, or want to brush-up or expand your Chart and/or Graph-making skills, this course is perfect for you.

In a nutshell, by taking advantage of this expert-led online training, you’ll gain powerful Excel Charting and Graphing skills that will make data more readable and understandable to others.  Ultimately, helping others understand your scientific data visually with charts and graphs can have a profound effect on your research (i.e., clearly conveying your research message to grant application reviewers, etc.).

You can gain the tools to more clearly and accurately communicate your research message by investing just 60 minutes of your time and signing up for this online Excel Chart and Graph training. Don’t wait, register today.

Meet Your Expert: Dennis Taylor

Dennis TaylorDennis Taylor has taught thousands of Excel seminars and classes since the early 90’s. He is the presenter of over 600 Excel webinars and has authored or co-authored six books on spreadsheet software. He has taught hundreds of public Excel seminars in the US and Canada since 2006 and has recorded over 100 Excel courses both for online and DVD distribution.

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