Private & Foundation Funding Toolkit: Strategies that Every PI Should Know

As competition for research dollars continues to rise, identifying and getting your research funded from private and foundation grantors is more critical today than ever before.

It’s hard enough to maneuver through government requirements, but accessing private and foundation funding can be a time consuming, logistical nightmare (especially considering each grantor usually has slightly different guidelines you must comply with).

There are specific, learned strategies you must employ to successfully get your research funded via private and foundation organizations. Get it right and you can concentrate on your research (which is why you became a scientist in the first place). Get it wrong, and no matter how amazing your research is, you could be out of a job.

The below Private/Foundation Funding Training Bundle is available for you to immediately download and access. Each session will walk you through exactly how to get more of your private and foundation research grant applications approved, with practical, easy-to-follow tactics you can put into practice today.

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Your Private & Foundation Funding Toolkit includes:

Downloadable Online Training

Top Ten Expert Tips to Attract Private Funding

Format: On-Demand MP4 Download or CD-ROM. 

Foundation fundingOver-reliance on federal funding is risky. One federal grant can fund your entire research, but lose your grant and all of your research money is gone. This makes the need for diversifying your funding sources with foundation and private grants essential to your success.

That's where private funding expert, John Greenhoe, CFRE, can help. During his opportunity-driven 60-minute on-demand training session, you’ll receive proven, step-by-step tactics that will help you initiate, cultivate and solicit relationships with foundations and other private benefactors. You’ll learn how to secure additional money for your research and diversify your funding sources to reduce your risk.

By taking advantage of this expert-led online training, you'll receive new cutting-edge tips to help you secure more private money for your research, along with John’s most effective foundation and private funding methods.

Here are just a few of the proven tactics you’ll learn from this expert-led, 90-minute online training: 

    • Create “value propositions” that will attract private funders to your research
    • Personally cultivate and solicit foundations and individual donors, breaking the traditional research funding paradigm
    • Master your initial approach to a prospective funder and improve your application approvals
    • Proven tactics to determine what each grantor wants from your research description to heighten your chances for comprehension and funding
    • Connect your research to relevant/timely topics to boost donor interest
    • And so much more…

    Get the entire PRIVATE & FOUNDATION FUNDING TOOLKIT starting at $259 (a $75 savings).

    OR just get this downloadable online training TOP TEN EXPERT TIPS TO ATTRACT FOUNDATION FUNDING.

    Downloadable Online Training

    Family Foundations: A Rising Force for Research Funding

    Format: On-Demand MP4 Download or CD

    Foundation fundingMost PIs seeking private funding focus their efforts on Gates and other “mega foundations.” The problem with this is that the playing field for these entities is very crowded. With federal funding shrinking and large foundations narrowing their focus, what is a PI to do?

    A better strategy may be to focus on smaller foundations that are more accessible. Family foundations typically have more informal proposal structures, and are more easily adaptable to new initiatives and programs. Consider this: in the most recent Giving USA results (2010), while overall private foundation giving remained flat, gifts from small foundations increased more than 20 percent! Also, while larger foundations may only fund proven research projects, family foundations are more likely to be flexible and take a chance on “high risk, high reward” endeavors.

    During this eye-opening 60-minute on-demand training, your expert presenter John Greenhoe, CFRE, will lead a fast paced discussion outlining the advantages of pursuing small foundation funding, and highlighting best practices for obtaining investments from this rising philanthropic force.

      • Understand the advantages of targeting small foundations for your research
      • Cultivation techniques, similar to working with an individual donor, that lead to success
      • How to take full advantage of the flexibility that many small foundations offer in covering “unfundable” research costs
      • Thorough understanding of the missions of small foundations, and crafting proposals accordingly
      • Stewardship practices that can result in ongoing funding success after the initial gift is received
      • And so much more…
      Get the entire PRIVATE AND FOUNDATION FUNDING TOOLKIT starting at $259 (a $75 savings).

      OR just get this downloadable online training FAMILY FOUNDATIONS: A RISING FORCE FOR RESEARCH FUNDING.

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