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It's JUST an S10 grant, right? How much time could it really take to complete? Well, with the looming NIH deadline of May 31 only about 6 weeks away, do you really want to risk it?

Most submitters of the NIH’s Instrumentation (S10) grant underestimate the time it takes to correctly assemble the required elements of this application (especially first-timers). The S10 has multiple confusing and time consuming components you must assemble (i.e. Biosketches, Other Support, Summary Tables, Instrumentation Organization and a Management Plan). The good news is, there are proven methods to speed up your assembly and boost the accuracy of your NIH S10 grant application, if you know how.

That’s where multiple S10 grant awardee and scientist, Carol Lynn Curchoe, PhD, can help. She has compiled her proven S10 grant preparation tactics and would like to share them with you during her online training. This 60-minute training is designed to demystify the administrative requirements of this tricky application, and provide you with concrete templates to improve your accuracy, and allow you to focus on the science.

Here are several of the practical, step-by-step S10 grant application tactics you’llNIH S10 Grant 2018 receive by watching Dr. Curchoe’s online training:

        1. Avoid errors to your Biosketch, continual NIH requirement changes are usually to blame
        2. Use MyBibliography effectively to boost reviewer confidence in your abilities
        3. Proven writing strategies to help you complete S10’s new Section C
        4. Submit a winning equipment comparison table that gets you funded
        5. Get reviewer buy-in with a bulletproof equipment manufacturer and model argument
        6. Make believers out of reviewers by more effectively tying your data results to your methodology
        7. Write concrete Specific Aims, don’t make the mistake of repeating them from your major users
        8. Compose your Aims more easily with an easy-to-use instrument's unique features checklist
        9. Apply this proven summary writing style to make it easier for reviewers to see which of your instrumentation’s features are transformative
        10. Use letters of “non-support” to get your grant approved
        11. Avoid common mistakes when producing your Accessory Features table
        12. Don’t let Financial table line errors block your grant approval
        13. Don’t let your application formatting annoy reviewers and lose your funding
        14. And so much more…

    Who should attend:  This training is perfect for first time SIG (Shared Instrumentation Grant) or HEI (High-End Instrumentation) applicants, or those applicants that have not been able to previously get their submitted S10 grant approved for funding.

    Applying for and getting approved for an NIH S10 Instrumentation Grant can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. By utilizing Dr. Curchoe’s proven S10 application completion tactics, you’ll be able to generate your S10 application more accurately, and significantly improve your chances of getting your project funded.  

    Don’t let the administrative burden of the S10 granting mechanism get in your way of completing your application by the fast-approaching May 31st deadline. Sign up for this must-watch online training today.

    Meet Your Expert: Carol Lynn Curchoe, PhD

    Carol Lynn Curchoe, PhDDr. Curchoe is a reproductive biologist practicing clinical embryology at San Diego Fertility Center. Her PhD research is focused on animal cloning, and her postdoctoral fellowship is focused on human embryonic stem cell research. As a founder and CEO of 32ATPs, she applied her knowledge of biochemistry and biotechnology to the field of renewable energy, creating a patent pending biological supercapacitor. Also, she was a member of the administrative team at the NYU School of Medicine's newly created Office of Collaborative Science, where she was a key author for several winning S10 grant applications for core research facilities.

    Her written work has appeared in Science, Scientific American, Venture Beat, We Love GMOs and Vaccines, Huffington Post, Genetic Literacy Project, Fitness Reloaded, and Catalyst among others. She is a frequent podcast guest and keynote speaker, recent credits include Forbes' The Limit Does Not Exist, SciGasm, A Science Enthusiast, Wonder Women Tech among others.

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