Persuasive Writing Toolkit: Improve Your Skills and Get Funded More Often

Unless you are able to convey your research project’s impact clearly and concisely while engaging reviewers even a miracle research breakthrough will be ignored.

Effectively communicating your research vision is no easy task. It’s easy to lose focus and fall into writing overlong or esoteric sentences. Do this, and you’ll endanger your ability to engage the reviewer. Without engagement, you’ve lost your audience along with any hope of getting published, your grant approved, and/or your research funded.

There is help available.  By downloading the training sessions in this Grant Writing Training Bundle pack, you’ll be able to more successfully communicate your research vision, and significantly improve your chances of getting your research funded.  Then you can spend more time conducting research, instead of writing grants.

You can improve your scientific writing skills today. These online training series is available immediately via CD, or downloadable MP4 for only $259. Don't delay, reserve your training sessions today.

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Persuasive Writing Toolkit includes:

Downloadable Online Training

Persuasive Writing for Scientists and Clinicians: The Basics and Beyond

Format: On-Demand MP4 Download or CD-ROM. 

The key to getting more of your grants approved, is your ability to successfully convey technical and complex information through your writing. Improving your writing skills can have a substantial effect on your overall funding results. Even seasoned investigators can benefit from improving their writing skills.

Writing clearly is a learned skill, and you can quickly and easily improve your written communication abilities by accessing this information-packed training by Dr. Christopher Dant. During this step-by-step training session, Dr. Dant will examine the most common problems in scientific writing, such as how to persuade with a minimum amount of words, how and where to use the "right" words, and how to write sentences and paragraphs with purpose, clarity, and punch. You'll also receive examples of poor writing with actionable advice on how you can avoid these errors.

Here are just a some of the proven, step-by-step tactics you'll receive by taking advantage of this 90-minute online training:

  • Improve grant results with a systematic approach to high quality writing
  • Overcome common scientific writing errors and learn how to avoid them
  • Reduce redundancies in your applications with simple tools to improve your word choices
  • Learn how to write clearer sentences and more cohesive paragraphs in your academic writing
  • Avoid overwriting with proven self-editing tactics
  • Achieve clarity in your writing and improve your ability to persuade your audience
  • And much more...

As an investigator, you must be able to express your ideas in precise, persuasive, concise ways. It's hard to get a group of people excited about your ideas, new products or research objectives, if they can't be communicated in a convincing, compelling way. Get the tools you need today.

    Get the entire PERSUASIVE WRITING TOOLKIT starting at $259 (a $75 savings).


    Downloadable Online Training

    PART 2: Storytelling to Inspire Funders: Describing Your Research in a Whole New Way

    Format: PDF eBook or Print.

    During this inspirational training session, Dr. John Greenhoe will show how researchers can get traction through anecdotal messages that attract human interest. A veteran foundation professional with a creative writing background, Greenhoe is uniquely qualified to show how storytelling can drive home the importance of your research.

    This 60-minute on-demand training will also include examples that show how stories can be employed to showcase research in grant reports, proposals and cases for support. You will examine several storytelling examples that will get the attention of funders and significantly increase your chances for success.

    • Managing multiple priorities.
    • PIs will learn how to take a fresh perspective when explaining their research.
    • PIs will understand the power of the “story of one.”
    • PIs will be ready to use funder/donor centered language when telling stories about their research.
    • PIs will learn ways to condense their research into paragraphs/sentences/ bullet points that tell stories.
    • PIs will use their storytelling writing to build strong presentations (elevator speeches).

    If you are a researcher looking for innovative techniques that can attract new sources of funding, this “can’t miss” training is perfect for you.

          Get the entire PERSUASIVE WRITING TOOLKIT starting at $259 (a $75 savings).

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