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The updated rules for Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) related to research involving human subjects are in effect, both new and seasoned investigators will experience important changes to exempt categories, informed consent, handling biospecimens and the expedited review process. 
Since one of the main purposes of the Final Rule is to facilitate the conduct of minimal risk research, investigators will need to comprehend the new federal regulations to fully take advantage and ensure the successful submission of future IRB applications. To assist you in this process, researcher and IRB approval specialist, Esmeralda García Galván, PhD, is conducting a targeted, step-by-step online training session. Dr. Galván provides an advanced look at these major, fast approaching IRB rule changes to help you thoroughly understand their impact on your human subject research.

Here are just a few of the must-have topics that Dr. Galván will cover in her 60-minute online training session:
      • Determine whether your study qualifies for an expedited or exempt review
      • Clarify the new requirements for written AND oral informed consent
      • Simplify the guidelines for screening and recruiting participants
      • Pin down whether your study is subject to pre-2018 vs. 2018 requirements
      • Revise data collection methods to ensure IRB compliance
      • Incorporate more underrepresented groups in your research
      • Head off compliance headaches by defining implications related to the definition of biospecimens
      • Identify whether your clinical trials must be listed in the registries or not
      • Confirm whether your clinical research results will need to be disclosed to subjects
      • Easily determine who is responsible for IRB approval given the new multi-institution project guidelines
      • And much more…

Who This Is For? This expert-led online training will be of great benefit to both new and seasoned researchers, specifically those who are currently, or are planning, to engage in research involving human subjects.

During this 60-minute online training, Dr. Galván will break down the complex messaging around the new research and human subject protection rules. You’ll identify how you will need to do things differently to meet these new requirements. Additionally, key changes intended to better protect human subjects, easy research, and reduce regulatory burdens will be clarified.

By the end of this training, you will have a complete understanding of the Final Rule and how to take full advantage of it to help ensure the success of your human subject research.

Meet Your Expert: Esmeralda García Galván, PhD

Esmeralda Garcia GalvanEsmeralda García Galván is a PhD-trained researcher and project manager with over 20 years’ experience in government and higher education sectors, who more recently transitioned to healthcare and clinical research administration and compliance. With her breadth of understanding on the details of research and human subjects’ protection, her greatest joy is empowering other researchers to achieve and surpass their research career goals via education and trainings. Since 2016, Dr. García Galván fulfills this joyful pursuit via her role as Project Manager in Research Enterprise of Ascension Texas - Seton Family of Hospitals.

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“Very informative. Hit the highlights of the topic."
- Elizabeth Ardolino, Associate Professor, University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, Austin, TX