White Paper: Build Strong Relationships with Your NIH and NSF Program Officers
White Paper: Building Strong Relationships with Your PO

You can increase your research funding opportunities and build an even stronger relationship with your POs by following the tactics inside this indispensable white paper, Getting to Know Your Program Officer: Insider Tips to Build a Strong Relationship with Your PO & Maximize Your Funding Chances (a $129 value, yours free).
 Here are just a few of the insider tactics you'll receive from this essential tool:

  • Understand NIH and NSF program officers and their roles
  • Identify the right PO for your project, and tap into the information you need
  • Build a strong bond with your PO to get the data you need to improve your application
  • When and how to stay in touch with your PO without annoying them
  • How to develop a beneficial dialogue with your PO to improve application approval chances
  • Pin down what should be included in your "concept paper" to cut down application denial
  • And much more!