Maximize the Impact of Your NIH Grant’s Approach Section

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For many reviewers, your Approach section “closes the deal” with regard to their enthusiasm to fund your research. In fact, NIH data indicates that among all scored individual criteria, your Approach score is most closely correlated with your overall application score.

Therefore, if you want to convince reviewers that your research is worth funding, you NEED a strongly written Approach section.

You can get proven strategies to improve the impact of your Approach section by viewing an online training by Christopher Francklyn, PhD, an experienced investigator and NIH/NSF reviewer. On Dr. Francklyn will walk you through how to design a clear logic flow within your Approach. He’ll break down the relationship of the Approach section to other sections of the grant, and help you design your Aims to ensure reviewers know what you will do, and why.

Master Your NIH Approach SectionIn this 60-minute online training, Dr. Francklyn will address the following topics:

      • Strengthen your Approach by answering the three main questions every reviewer asks themselves when they read a grant
      • Improve your reviewer score by mastering critical Approach features
      • Reviewer expectations as it relates to your career stage
      • Make the most efficient use of your Approach section
      • Successfully choose what details to share, and what to omit
      • Uncover expectations of Preliminary Data requirements for new and established investigators
      • Maximize the role of prior literature in your Approach section
      • Design a clear logic path that provides a strong foundation for each of your Aims
      • Properly balance text and figures to magnify their impact
      • And much more...

Who should view: This webinar will greatly benefit investigators early in their research careers. However, it will also be useful for experienced researchers who want to improve their fundability, or investigators who have not had great funding success.

Dr. Francklyn has decades of experience as a reviewer and understands what you need to do to drive up your grant scores and increase your fundability. This online training will be based on his observations about what drives scores, as opposed to what NIH publicly describes the scoring criteria to be. As an established reviewer, he really knows how reviewers will actually respond to specific elements of your application, and how you can improve your chances at getting funded.

To view Dr. Francklyn’s online Approach training, simply follow this link and register online. Note: Access is limited to this session to ensure all participants have an opportunity to get their specific questions answered in the session. So, don’t wait, register today.

Meet Your Expert: Dr. Christopher Francklyn

Dr. Chris FrancklynDr. Francklyn is currently a Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Vermont and holds an adjunct appointment in the Department of Microbiology/Molecular Genetics. He is an established investigator with over two decades of funding from various agencies, including NIH, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the American Cancer Society.

He has served extensively as an NIH and NSF reviewer for over two decades, and has reviewed for panels covering various R-mechanisms (R01, R21, etc.). He also served on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Biological Chemistry, and is currently on the Editorial Board of Nature Scientific Reports.

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“I really enjoyed this webinar and found it useful”
- Indika Kahanda, Assistant Professor - Montana State University, Bozeman, MT.

“I wished examples of successful grants. I liked how he explained about sub-aims and dividing the approach into sections”
Latania Logan, Associate Professor - Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL.

“The specificity, breakdown of the sections by questions that can be applied to our own applications, and examples”
- Danielle Tarka, Grants Program Manager - Penn Medicine Lancaster General Healht, Lancaster, PA.