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Last year, NIH Career Development K Awards paid out $519 MILLION in funding to 3,404 qualified scientists. So far in 2018, they’ve only awarded $97.6 MILLION, so there are still HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars in funding available, if you qualify.

There are a variety of K grant mechanisms available, making access to both salary and research funding more accessible to a broad range of researchers. The problem is that many qualified candidates are often unaware of how the program works, which is demonstrated by the fact that in 2017 only about 30% of mentor-driven K Award applications got approved.

NIH K AwardsYou can improve your understanding of how to successfully apply and receive K Award funding, with a little guidance. That’s where Dr. Christopher Dant can help. During his 90-minute training session, Dr. Dant will dig into specific NIH (K) Career Development programs, help you identify which program you'll most likely qualify for, and provide you with an overview of how to write a competitive proposal to get the funding you need for your research.

After watching this step-by-step online training, you’ll walk away with a thorough understanding of which K grant is perfect for you and how to improve the quality of your application so you can take your career to new heights.

      • Identify the right K grant for you and boost your approval chances
      • Uncover NIH tools to help you more effectively complete your application
      • Get proven, step-by-step assistance on each key section of your K application
      • Pin down what NIH (K) Award reviewers are looking for in your application
      • Use proven K Award writing strategies and tips from the NIH and grant recipients
      • And so much more…

Evidence shows that researchers who receive K awards have longer careers as principal investigators and are more likely to lead center grants, program project grants, and training grants. They are more likely to direct large research projects, and publish more and higher quality articles than those that don’t qualify for this funding at the same career stage.

There is still over $400 MILLION available in K Career Development award funding available for 2018. If you want to increase your approval percentages, this online training is for you. Don’t wait, take advantage of this training today.

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Meet Your Expert: Dr. Christopher Dant

Dr. Christopher Dant Dr. Christopher Dant is a PhD-trained medical researcher and educator with over 40 years’ experience in government, academic, and biopharmaceutical settings. His PhD training was in immunology and cellular biology and he previously conducted research for several medical institutions in the United States. Dr. Dant was trained in grant writing at the NIH and worked as a senior writer and managed publications at Stanford’s Medical School and established and built the Clinical Publications Division at Genentech in California.

Until recently, Dr. Dant served on the faculty at Dartmouth Medical School and Norris Cotton Cancer Center to deliver lectures on NIH grant writing and manuscript writing. He lectures widely in academic and biopharmaceutical settings on manuscript writing, NIH career and research grants, and basic scientific writing skills for scientists and his business, MEDCOM Consulting, serves academic clients to review and write Research and Training Grants for the NIH.

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