Free Tool: 50 Tips for NIH Grant Success
50 NIH Grant Success TipsDid you know that roughly 80% of NIH grant applications are not funded?

Knowing how to maximize the NIH grants process is key to your research's success. Luckily, there is a useful resource that you can use to help you complete your grant proposal and get more money from the NIH.

This handy tool includes 50 critical do's and don'ts that will help you quickly understand the steps you need to take, the missteps to avoid, and the path to follow to get to your NIH grant money.

Keep this convenient card at your desk, and apply these time-tested tips to your NIH grant application.

To access your free 50 Tips for NIH Grant Success Tool simply complete this online form. There is no cost to you whatsoever, and your free tool will be available for download immediately.