Prepare More Successful Scientific Oral Presentations

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There's a lot riding on your ability to present cohesive and engaging oral presentations for both experienced and new researchers alike.

Preparation is the underlying answer to many oral presentation failures. Sounds easy enough to fix, right? Well, it's actually anything but, unless you master some proven techniques.

Like it or not, oral presentations are a part of your life as a scientist. You know that executing them effectively is essential to your research and your career. That’s why they can be so stressful. 

So, if you’re still just slapping your data onto a PowerPoint presentation, getting up and simply reading your slides you’re not doing the research you work so hard for justice.  To successfully engage your audience, you must be able to incorporate your research data effectively. Doing so can make the difference between your data getting noticed or your entire audience falling asleep.

That's where scientific presentation expert and educator, Rick Parmely, can help. During his online training, Rick will show you how to write and give more effective oral presentations without the associated stress you have now.  After attending this online training, you’ll never have to “wing” a presentation again.

Here are just a few of the practical, step-by-step scientific oral presentation strategies you’ll receive by taking advantage of this 60-minute online training session:

      • Improve audience engagement with proven presentation organization strategies
      • Better inspire and engage your audience with podium tools that work
      • Make any presentation a hit with these 10 step-by-step tips
      • Make your pre-conference work yield the positive outcomes you’re looking for
      • Essential presentation skills to deliver your research more successfully
      • Efficiently and effectively incorporate your research data for better results
      • And so much more… 

During this online training, you'll receive the tools you need to become a more successful scientific presenter, regardless of the size or location of your event (i.e. regional, national, international). You’ll learn how to significantly reduce the headaches and stress associated with preparing and presenting your scientific data, and improve the overall success of your talk.

Don’t wait.  After you master these scientific oral presentation techniques, nothing will stand in your way.  Don’t delay. Take advantage of this online training today!

This Webinar Is Perfect for Scientists Who Want To:

      • Leave a clear message about your research with attendees
      • Keep audiences engaged in the science that you are presenting
      • Redirect audience questions that detract from the talk's main message
      • Overcome the fears of public speaking to deliver a powerful presentation

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Meet Your Expert: Rick Parmely  

Rick ParmelyAfter teaching undergraduate chemistry at West Point and Juniata College, Rick Parmely, joined Restek in 1997 and until recently, he directed Restek’s technical education program. He taught chemistry and separation science theory through the Restek Learning Network (RLN), and coached other RLN instructors in public speaking. He taught Public Speaking to doctoral and post-doctoral students at Yale, Columbia, and Rockefeller Universities, as part of a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Program. Recently, Rick presented a full-day, communications workshop at The Pittsburgh Conference. With over 30 years of teaching experience, Rick has taught science and communications courses to widely diverse audiences, including NATO officials, technicians at the U.N. Pesticides Laboratory in Austria, and scientists at the University of Nairobi, Penn State University and UPenn. 

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