Avoid the Inclusion of Scientific Misinformation from Pre-existing Literature

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The key to getting your grant funded or your manuscript published is the science that your research supports, the gap that it is filling. So, if you are being exposed to misinformation, and you do not recognize it, you will incorporate that into your writing. Then, you risk spending months or even years driving down the research highway looking at the wrong map (not to mention the damage this can do to your reputation).

Unfortunately, there have been cases of interpretation bias and the rigging of clinical trials to guarantee particular outcomes. Such tainted literature is often carried forward with subsequent citations or literature reviews that can leave you at the mercy of this misinformation. Unless you know what to look for…

Luckily, researcher and expert, Anthony Rosner, PhD, can help. During his training, Dr. Rosner will dissect common deficiencies with numerous case studies. By completing this training, you will receive typical criteria of research quality to demonstrate and learn how NOT to overlook serious flaws that can compromise or even invalidate your writing. You’ll walk away from this training with a stronger ability to be able to recognize these flaws in your future literature searches and reviews, so you can avoid them.

Here are some of the step-by-step strategies you’ll receive by taking advantage of this, expert-led, 60-minute online training that will help you better recognize and avoid scientific misinformation in your work:

      • Recognize methodological errors in pre-existing reports to accurately assess their validity
      • Avoid studies that may have been deliberately designed and present a biased point of view
      • Identify gaps and/or paradoxes in scientific literature to determine important areas requiring further study
      • Gain critical skills in addressing and refuting findings in previously published reports
      • Access several flawed rating systems that currently exist to gain a deeper understanding of study quality
      • Avoid misinformation by utilizing more progressive definitions of evidence-based medicine
      • And so much more…

Who Should Attend: Researchers writing effective and fundable grant proposals as well as publishable manuscripts will derive the most benefit from this webinar. This includes, PIs, graduate students and postdocs.

In order for science to continue its progress, it is imperative that you address the pre-existing scientific literature and be able to successfully uncover evident gaps of information that must be filled. However, there are prevalent lapses in current literature that escape typical scrutiny and must be addressed. Register for this online training and learn the skills necessary to steer your research down the road of innovation and discovery.   


Meet Your Expert: Anthony Rosner, PhD, LLD (Hon.)

Anthony Rosner is currently a Medical Consultant, experimental designer, author, and manuscript reviewer for multiple peer-reviewed indexed journals. His expertise and research experience span multiple areas of both orthodox and alternative medicine. His publication record of over 90 papers includes such diverse fields as bacterial physiology, enzyme regulation, hormone-receptor interactions, tumor cell biology, and clinical research design.

He became Research Director at Apex Energetics, Inc., in July 2013 and was responsible for articulating the mechanisms and clinical research supporting numerous nutritional supplements. He had served as Research Director of the International College of Applied Kinesiology from 2009-2013 and was responsible for the development of research literature in that field, initiating numerous research projects and attracting grant funding with the hope of buttressing the ultimate goal of including applied kinesiology in the annals of evidence-based medicine.

From 1992-2007, he had been a Director of Research and Education at the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research and Director of Research Initiatives at the Parker College of Chiropractic from 2007-2009. In these capacities he directed and facilitated research that resulted in hundreds of peer-reviewed articles as well numerous papers of his own. He directed all phases of over 120 clinical and basic research projects worldwide, leveraging over $25M in federal funding where previously there had been none. During this period, he had frequent appearances before state legislatures, the Institute of Medicine, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health, state licensing boards, and numerous third-party payers as an exponent of critical research appraisal.

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