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NIH R01 Grant Writing Toolkit: Beat Out the Funding Competition

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NIH R01 Grant Writing Toolkit: Beat Out the Funding Competition

$334.00 $167.00

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  • Many shortcomings that typically lead to the rejection of your NIH R01 grant application can be overcome if you understand what actually influences your peer reviewers. This is more important than ever, considering that the 2017 overall success rate of R01 grants was only 16%, with some Institutes approving only 12% of submitted applications. This means that NIH-wide, nearly 8 out of 10 R01 application submissions are rejected.

    If you want to be one of the 16% of PIs that receive R01 funding, you must be able to write your grant so that it prevails over the five review criteria which generates your overall impact score.

    Sure, there are multiple resources available that claim to help you write a more effective R01 application but, when you look closely, they only tell you what you should do, not specifically HOW to do it.

    By viewing this practical, how-to online training series, you’ll significantly improve your chances of getting next NIH R01 grant application approved and your research funded. Don’t wait, sign up today.

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  • NIH R0I Grant Toolkit includes:

    How to Write a Persuasive R01 Proposal

    Format: On-Demand MP4  Download or CD.

    Understanding what NIH reviewers are looking for in your R01 grant application can seem like a black hole, but that all stops right now.  During this one-of-a-kind online training, expert grant writer and former investigator, Christopher Dant, PhD, will reveal what peer reviewers need to see in your R01 application to approve it.

    During this online training, Dr. Dant will provide you with details of what reviewers want and don’t want to see in your R01 grant proposal. Then, he’ll walk you through how to apply these principles when you write your next new, resubmission or renewal application. Ultimately, you’ll learn how to write your next R01 grant in a way that will influence reviewers to approve and fund your research proposal.

    Specifically, Dr. Dant will focus on the Specific Aims and Research Strategy sections of your proposal -- undoubtedly the most important and challenging sections, and the culprits behind MOST rejected applications.

    Below are just a few of the key R01 grant-writing takeaways you’ll receive by attending this expert-led online training:

    • Positively influence peer reviewers to notice your research
    • Learn to avoid common problems typically responsible for rejection
    • Write your grant to win over “discussants” (reviewers not in your field).
    • Learn proven proposal language that helps your grant receive a fundable score
    • Understand and apply the 5 review criteria peer reviewers apply to get your research funded
    • Use Impact, Feasibility, Innovation and Significance to win over even the toughest reviewers
    • And so much more…

        Data Management Plan: What NIH Reviewers Want to See

        Format: On-Demand MP4 Download or CD.


        The NIH requires Data Sharing Plans for all grants seeking “$500k or more in direct costs in any one year,” or as required by the solicitation. The data management plan is more than a component of your proposal; it is a blueprint for how you will actually manage the data during the course of your funded work. Therefore, creating an effective Data Management plan is an integral part of creating a winning proposal and getting the research money you need.

        During this expert-led online training session, you will learn what counts as data, and understand exactly what the funding agency expects and requires for your Data Management Plan to be successful. Your expert presenter, Michael Lesiecki, PhD, will explain how you should think about managing your data before you begin your proposed research to insure usability, long-run preservation and access. You'll examine proven models and processes so you can improve your Data Management Plan and create the most competitive proposal possible.

        By attending this online training session, you'll receive proven Data Management Plan writing tactics from an experienced industry leader, Michael Lesiecki, PhD. As well as his other accomplishments, Dr. Lesiecki has served as Principal Investigator on successful NIH and major NSF proposals, and as a reviewer for NSF and Department of Labor grant proposals.

        • Optimally manage your data based on its type by utilizing proven samples, physical collections, software, curriculum materials, and other materials produced in the course of your funded project.
        • Master NIH expectations for your submitted proposal data and metadata.
        • Comply with NIH's requirements expectations regarding the release of sensitive or proprietary data.
        • Give reviewers exactly what they are looking for in your Data Management Plan to improve your chances of proposal approval.
        • And much more...
      • Meet Your Experts: John Greenhoe, CFRE

        Dr. Dant is a PhD-trained medical researcher and educator with over 40 years’ experience in government, academic, and biopharmaceutical settings. His PhD training was in immunology and cellular biology, and he previously conducted research for several medical institutions in the United States. Dr. Dant was trained in grant writing at the NIH, managed publications at Stanford’s Medical School, and established the Clinical Publications Division at Genentech in California. 

        Until recently, Dr. Dant served on the faculty at Dartmouth Medical School and Norris Cotton Cancer Center to work with PIs on developing R and K grants and lectured the faculty lectured faculty on NIH grant writing and manuscript writing. He lectures widely in academic and biopharmaceutical settings on manuscript writing, NIH career, and research grants, and basic scientific writing skills for scientists and his business, MEDCOM Consulting, serves academic clients to review and write NIH Research and Training Grants, as well as peer-reviewed manuscripts. He is available at medcomconsul@gmail.com.

        Meet Your Expert: Michael Lesiecki, PhD

        Michael Lesiecki, PhDMichael Lesiecki, PhD. has been the executive director of the Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center (MATEC) since its inception in 1996. He received his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Oregon State University and has served as an associate research professor at the University of Utah and as an associate professor of Chemical Physics at the University of Puerto Rico.

        Michael has published 27 technical articles and has received one patent. In industry he acted has the director of the BioScience Division of Candela Laser Corporation and worked as a research scientist at Exxon. Michael has served as Principal Investigator on successful NIH and major NSF proposals and serves as a reviewer for NSF and Department of Labor grant proposals.